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Research gives you insight into your customers and the marketplace

Strategic planning is crucial to any business’ success. Without a well researched plan there is no vision, no map to follow. Time, energy and advertising dollars are wasted. At Levels Media we believe that research is the bedrock of any worthwhile strategic plan. We design a comprehensive strategic plan that is your company’s roadmap to success.

Levels Media has the resources and experience to investigate your customers: Who are they? What do they want? How much will they spend? How do they find your product? What words do they type into their search engines? How can you best reach them – radio, TV, billboards, print media, websites, direct mail, e-mail? What is your competition offering? What is the marketplace like?

Once Levels Media has conducted the necessary research, we can assemble a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Levels Media’s research tools include:

  • Customer analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Product research
  • Risk analysis
  • Choice modeling
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys


In today's world of mass marketing and constant advertising, your business need a strong brand to create a clear signal to your customers and prospective customers so they will be swayed to buy your product over your competitors. This requires a business development approach to your marketing strategy that consistently integrates and reinforces your brand in the minds of consumers.

Levels Media has access to the world's most extensive consumer and business-to-business trend databases that provide in-depth profiling of your customers’ values, lifestyles, attitudes, motivations and behaviors. We design a strategy that pinpoints consumer perceptions so our clients can target their advertising and marketing campaigns to capitalize on their brand’s strengths, while minimizing any weaknesses.

Audience Engagement

The extensive research Levels Media conducts offers ideas as to how to engage your audience. We find the best medium to reach your target audience (print, web, direct mail, etc.) and craft a message that establishes a connection. We make sure the right message is aimed at the right audience.


When building or redesigning your brand or corporate identity, there may be an uncertainty as to how it will be received by current and prospective customers. Levels Media believes in producing a prototype that allows for test marketing. The feedback from the prototype is then used to tweak the brand, product, corporate identity to ensure its effectiveness and profitability.

Prototyping can do the following for your business:

  • serve as a means to secure investment capital
  • provide a visual image for consumers to critique or a technology-based product for hands-on trials
  • reduce development cost
  • increase speed to market
  • identify any issues at the outset
  • supply feedback from users

Development and Implementation

After all the research and strategic planning have been completed, this is when Levels Media makes your ideas come to life. The marketing plan is created, implemented, monitored and assessed to ensure maximum profitability and effectiveness. Watch your idea bloom after careful cultivation!

To discuss your business needs with a Levels Media specialist, contact us at 1.800.880.4581. Or, click here to initiate a consultation with one of our associates.

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