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Public Relations

Unique publicity that brings tangible results

Your company’s image is the cornerstone to its success. Consumers are often skeptical of advertising messages because of the motivation behind them. Effective public relations campaigns provide exposure for your company through a third party – a magazine or trade journal, a newspaper article, a speaking event, a student of the month sponsorship. This “third party verification” lends an air of authenticity and legitimacy to your company that even the most well-funded marketing campaign can’t buy.

Positive public relations can be as simple as taking out an ad in a high school play program or as involved as securing a top level sponsorship for a high profile national event like the Race for the Cure. Levels Media has years of experience strategically advising clients on how to create a positive image through public relations, including media relations, guerilla marketing, broadcast consultancy, online public relations, events and personal public relations. Distinct but complimentary messages can be artfully crafted depending on the audience and the results desired.

Levels Media’s public relations tactics are at the core of the integrated strategic plan it creates for each client. Depending on your business’ public relations needs, Levels Media’s campaigns include:

  • PR Planning & Strategy
  • Magazine, newspaper, or trade journal articles
  • Image building for CEOs and/or the company
  • Client meet and greets
  • Public service announcements
  • Press releases
  • Exhibition support/sponsorship
  • Events support/sponsorship
  • Scholarships
  • Charitable donations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Award creations and presentations
  • Media research and monitoring

Levels Media helps your company build a positive image by discreetly publicizing any new initiatives or positive community programs. This kind of “good press” doesn’t cost much – but the results are priceless.

To discuss your business needs with a Levels Media specialist, contact us at 1.800.880.4581. Or, click here to initiate a consultation with one of our associates.

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