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Creative copy sways clients

Words and images convey your message to your existing and potential customers. But there is a science – and an art – to carefully researched and crafted effective, persuasive copy. You can sell fresh Georgia peaches for $2.00 a pound shipped to your door. Or, you can offer succulent, juicy Georgia peaches, hand-picked daily, nestled in a specially designed package to preserve freshness, shipped to your door via overnight express for only $3.00 a pound. Which would you rather buy?

At Levels Media we analyze the habits of your customer, the best advertising medium to get your message across, your brand identity, and your advertising budget to create unique print and technology based marketing campaigns. Through words and images, we show your clients why they need your product or service and why your business tops the competition. Our campaigns create lasting impressions that help build your brand and increase profitability.

Writing and presenting copy in an appealing manner takes great attention to detail. What images should come to mind when reading the copy? Is the copy displayed in a visually stimulating way? Does it have a lasting impact? Is it grammatically accurate? Is it free of spelling errors? Every word, every image you present to your customer builds an impression of your business. We make sure it’s the right impression that will keep existing customers loyal and attract new customers.

Levels Media’s services include writing copy for:

  • print or web advertisements
  • search engine optimized websites
  • blogs
  • email campaigns
  • press releases
  • white papers
  • client stories or testimonials
  • special events
  • company biographies
  • annual reports
  • technical articles
  • articles for trade journals, magazines, newspapers
  • newsletters
  • internal communications

Levels Media’s copywriting categories include:

  • branding strategies and corporate identity
  • marketing and advertising copy
  • web/SEO copywriting

To discuss your business needs with a Levels Media specialist, contact us at 1.800.880.4581. Or, click here to initiate a consultation with one of our associates.

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