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Positive brand experiences foster prosperity

Building and reinforcing brands is a continual effort that impacts everyone, every day. Some brands are so entrenched in the minds’ of consumers that all it takes to stimulate recognition is a simple symbol: Target’s red bulls eye, Nike’s colorful swish, Coca-Cola’s red can with the wavy lines, Wonder Bread’s multi-colored dots, a big yellow M with a red background. The integrity and profitability of these companies rests on the public’s positive recognition of their brand.

Brand and corporate identities need to be protected, nurtured and constantly reinforced. Experts at brand creation, brand re-development, consumer research, and brand design and imaging, Levels Media understands what it takes to create a compelling customer experience for your existing clients, and how to effectively attract new customers.

Building and continually reinforcing your brand is a must in today’s competitive market. Consumers are bombarded by claims of product superiority and offers of personal fulfillment. Creating a compelling customer experience is what makes or shatters a brand. Some brands never recover from a bad experience – the deadly crash in the Everglades forced ValuJet to dismantle its brand, while others weather the storm because of strong brand identity and advertising to combat the negative publicity – Tylenol rebounding after the fatal capsule tampering ordeal. A strong brand that forms a durable psychological bond with its customers is the most effective form of strategic control available to any business.

In today's world of mass marketing and constant advertising, your business needs a strong brand to create a clear signal to your customers and prospective customers so they will be swayed to buy your product over your competitor’s. This requires a business development approach to your marketing strategy that consistently integrates and reinforces your brand in the minds of consumers.

Levels Media has access to the world's most extensive consumer and business-to-business trend databases that provide in-depth profiling of your customers’ values, lifestyles, attitudes, motivations and behaviors. We design a strategy that pinpoints consumer perceptions so our clients can target their advertising and marketing campaigns to capitalize on their brand’s strengths, while minimizing any weaknesses.

Designing and fortifying a company’s look and feel is what Levels Media does…and does well.

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