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A presence on the web is now a given for any reputable business. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a small Caribbean island or on the island of Manhattan, today’s consumers look to the internet for their information. Big ticket items – such as a car or home – can be researched online. Smaller items – like a fountain pen – can be located with a few clicks of the mouse. The internet breaks geographic barriers by allowing worldwide access to information. Toddlers, grandmas, and everyone in between comprise the 1,668,870,408 users who surfed the web in June 2009. Imagine having access to access to 1.7 billion customers!

Just like you, your potential customers may be online right now. But how to reach them? The experts at Levels Media have the technical, graphic, and marketing knowledge to create sites that have clean lines, strong imagery, well-researched content, simple navigation, and quick loading times.

But websites are like a package wrapped in fine paper and a colorful bow. While the exterior needs to be impressive, the contents of the package are equally as important. Meta tag descriptions, title tags, sub headers, keywords, and links culminate in search engine optimization (SEO) – which propels your website to the top of the search engine list so customers can find your company amidst the billions of others hoping for recognition on the world wide web.

Levels Media staff is the top in its field for search engine optimization and web design. They craft the codes that are only seen by the web crawlers as they reach their tentacles deep into the material embedded in your website. Those codes can push your website from the 100th page of the Google search to the first page – where the majority of users click.

Don’t send your customers to your competitors’ websites – either because of lack of visual appeal and usability of your site, or lack of SEO that buries your site. After conducting thoughtful market research, Levels Media creates customized, innovative web marketing for your company, including effective web design and development, landing pages, micro sites, email marketing, flash animations and games.

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